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Naypyitaw : Pyinmanar

Contact : Harmony Myanmar Group

Landscape and Turfgrass Solution

Imagine no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing and no pest control. The benefits of a Harmony Myanmar Group lawn are plentiful. Whether you care for your own lawn or pay someone to tend to it for you…you can reap the benefits by using Harmony Myanmar Group grass from Harmony Myanmar Group Turf Solutions as part of your overall landscape.

Are you ready to "go green" literally? Harmony Myanmar Group Turf Solutions is proud to offer products made with recycled materials. These very products allow you to stake claim that you are doing something good for the environment. Such as reducing the carbon emissions from maintenance equipment to greatly reducing the amount of water you use. Our products are great to use for so many different applications, such as residential and commercial landscapes, rooftops, road and/or parking lot medians to name a few.

Lastly, for the environmentally friendly builders…Harmony Myanmar Group's products count towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, especially in the area of water efficient landscapes. We have many detailed drawings available for use when specifying our turf within your scope of work. Please contact us to learn more.