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Contact : Harmony Myanmar Group

Naypyitaw : Pyinmanar

Contact : Harmony Myanmar Group
Who We Are

Harmony Myanmar Argo Group is a relatively new company.
We deliver agricultural products and services. We create value and loyalty for a long-term relationship and we can deliver the desired satisfaction, quality, reliability and integrity, more effectively and efficiently than any other.
Our Vision
Living Harmony, Growing Prosperity.
What We Believe
Our farmers are widely considered to be the major ‘engine’ of Myanmar economic growth and development.
Our Core Values

  • Focus on our customer values, benefits, priorities and practices.
  • Focus on the concept of Agricultural Sustainability and Innovation. (Innovation)
  • Focus on ecological, social, economic and responsible aspects for all.
  • Focus on our knowledge, services, experiences, products and problem solutions in a reasonable and timely manner.
  • Focus on building and bridging our future together.
Our Strategic Friends

၁. ေရာင္ၿခည္ဦး စိုက္ပ်ိဳးေရးေဆးပစၥည္းဆိုင္
   ၆/၄ ဗိုလ္ခ်ဳပ္လမ္း ၊ၿမိဳ႕ဦးရပ္ကြက္၊ပ်ဥ္းမနားၿမိဳ႕၊ေနၿပည္ေတာ္။ ဖုန္း - 09-448535915

၂. ပြင့္သစ္ စိုက္ပ်ိဳးေရးေဆးပစၥည္းဆိုင္
   မႏၱေလး-ၿပင္ဦးလြင္ လမ္းမႀကီး၊ကံႀကီးကုန္း၊ ၿပင္ဦးလြင္ၿမိဳ႕၊မႏၱေလးတိုင္းေဒသႀကီး၊ ဖုန္း-09-49225567

၃. ေကာင္းသစ္ စိုက္ပ်ိဳးေရးေဆးပစၥည္းဆိုင္
   ေစ်းအေနာက္ဘက္တန္း၊ရမည္းသင္းၿမိဳ႕၊မႏၱေလးတိုင္းေဒသႀကီး။ ဖုန္း-09-2173749

၄. ေအာင္သေၿပ စုိက္ပ်ဳိးေရး ေဆးပစၥည္းဆုိင္
ဒုိဗီကုန္းရပ္ကြက္၊ ဧလာၿမိဳ႕၊ လယ္ေ၀းၿမိဳ႕နယ္၊ ေနၿပည္ေတာ္။ ဖုန္း 067 600 39

၅. Green Growth Generation Co., Ltd.
ေရတံခြန္ေတာင္၊ ေဂါက္ကြင္းလမ္း၊ ရွင္ေတာ္ကုန္ေက်းရြာအုပ္စု၊ ပုသိမ္ၾကီးၿမိဳ႕နယ္၊ မႏၱေလးတုိင္းေဒသၾကီး။ ဖုန္း 09-1030120, 09-91042859